7 Useful Tips from Experts to “Close the Loop” Customer Feedback.

Imagine, you’ve ordered a meal and it got delayed by 2 hours, you’ve sent quick feedback but got no response from the company. Isn’t it frustrating for you as a consumer?

Closing the loop with customer feedback doesn’t need to be difficult at all.

1. Listen to the customers constantly

Explore innovative ways to listen to your customers and know what they feel about your brand. For this reason, a simple feedback survey can help in collecting feedback but unable to trace the sentiment of your customers’ perception. Ai-enabled experience management can provide businesses a clear picture and effective listening by analyzing text and sentiment of customers.

2. Understand customer expectations

One thing your business cannot afford to skip is to understand the growing expectations of customers from your business or brand. As per a recent report revealed by Salesforce, “51% of customers say most companies fall short of their expectations for great experiences”. Schedule a call with an expert CX consultant to make this work for your business.

3. Churn out customer interaction

Find out ways to interact with customers and ask for feedback whenever possible at different touchpoints. Do you know customers often switch to the competitor’s brand without notifying a negative experience? So, it’s recommended to send thank-you messages along with a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) survey post-purchase to collect feedback of customers.

4. Integrate feedback with CRM, Point of Sale, In-App, and Website

CRM, Point of Sale (PoS), in-app and website integration with Ai-enabled experience management software can help your business in tackling negative experiences faster than ever. Closed-loop customer feedback functionality in SurveySensum generates detectors alert to the appropriate manager or CX executive for quick actions.

5. Respond with a solution to customer feedback

In the age of Customer Experience (CX), it’s crucial to respond to negative reviews as quickly as possible. One dissatisfied customer could spread bad reviews online to 100 or more customers on social media. Closing the feedback loop and working with customers to turn their bad experience into feel-good ones can help minimize this risk.

6. Make Use of AI Technology

Technology is the mindfulness of closed-loop customer feedback capability! SurveySensum’s AI-enabled Customer Experience Management makes it simpler and faster for brands to take positive action on a negative experience, in turn, improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the brand. Turn your unhappy customers into super-fans.

7. Engage customers to improve customer retention

Greater engagement leads to higher sales! Customer Experience Management by SurveySensum helps you take care of this thing by triggering reminder Ai-enabled NPS feedback surveys to understand or predict customer purchase behavior all the while. 59% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business. (Source)

Close the loop with SurveySensum

Simple. Affordable. Swift.

Current time demands accuracy and speed in CX management which is not feasible with manual or traditional surveys. AI-enabled CX management can connect the dots for brands across different industries to close the loop in real-time.
What to expect?
• Get Strategic Customer Experience Measurement Reports
• Send Personalized Surveys
• Generate Detectors Alerts
• Access Real-time Dashboards
• Customized Closed-loop Work-Flow for your Business needs

SurveySensum empowers the customer service team in your company by integrating with CRM, POS, in-app and website to offer “closed-loop” capability. This simply means, after collecting and analyzing customer feedback, the company will be able to act on collected feedback, that too real-time by responding instantly.

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